Organic Modelling Process

6989 Polygon total

Starting with a Base Mesh, a rough bone structure, and anatomy is sculpted. An Anatomy book and google are used as reference. For this character's ears, a Deer was used.


Next, the model is manually retopologized. Keeping line flow in mind, the model is checked by subdivision, making sure the shapes aren't pinching and are keeping proper flow. Triangles will terminate in areas that wont need animation / aren't seen. This method is used because of the control over topology it allows.

Polygroup for uv islands.PNG

Next the Zmodeller brush is used to push in the eyes and mouth. Then polygroups are created to quickly create UV islands, and the model is then unwrapped. For the best results the model is taken into 3Ds max, and symmetrically layed out. Seams are checked.

- Detail is back.PNG

The model is then subdivided and the old details are projected back in.

extrude accessories from duplicated mesh

extrude accessories from duplicated mesh



For accessories, the low poly mesh is used to extract a cage. The Zmodeller brush is used to build up shapes and silhouette. When the desired shape is reached, the accessory is unwrapped, subdivided and sculpted on.