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Native Development vs Web Development....FIGHT

But in reality, it's not really a fight. Let's talk about the pros and cons of developing applications using Native codebases or Web Development.

Native Development


- Can develop applications using the newest technology and features the day its released. Allowing you to create something that might pull in more new users.

- Minimal bloat-code, when developing on Apple or Androids IDE you know how much code you are injecting. Which could lead for more application optimization.

- Jobs in Native Development are higher paying


- If you come from a web development background, learning Object Oriented Programming might take some time.

- Longer Development times with only a result working on one device.

- Separate IDEs to learn is learning Android or IOS

Web Development


- PWA's don't require app stores, can be installed straight from the browser.

- More jobs in Web Development

- One codebase could be used to create IOS and Android versions. Quicker Development times.


- Can't use new technologies right away, have to wait for framework implementation.

- A lot of competition when looking for jobs.

- Technology is always changing, new frameworks, new standards. So it might be hard to keep up.

At the end of the day, pro or con.. the real question is which one do you enjoy? and if you really enjoy development, why not learn both!

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