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Why blogging is a great way to start a career in software development?

Personal development is great, but how do you measure it? A blog makes you liable, it shows prospective employers and yourself how much you really can do. But I think the greatest reason to write a blog about your progress is to remind yourself of topics you might not remember. Because let's face it, as developers we cannot remember everything. I personally am getting back into the groove of Game Development as a side project, and what better way to remember topics than to write about them in my own words. I know I will get distracted by school, new frameworks and new ideas. But creating this repository of learning will help me remember topics I have learned in the past. And when school is done? maybe an employer will look at my development progress through my blog and find my range of interests as a sign of active learning. And maybe they will see it as a sign of passion for technology and development.

Thanks for the great Idea Vladimir.

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